Andrew Lawrence

Andrew is a karst management professional with over 30 years’ experience in natural resource management, developing and managing tourism projects in environmentally sensitive areas, tourism management and product development. Following an extensive career with government agencies in New South Wales, Australia, Andrew is currently consulting on developing sustainable natural and cultural heritage based tourism experiences (including ecotourism and adventure tourism) in the Sultanate of Oman.

Tertiary Qualification:

Graduate Certificate Applied Science (Karst Management), Charles Sturt University (2001)

Karst refers to landscapes in which the solution of the bedrock is the major developmental process. Karst is a complex three dimensional system that contains links between different surface and subterranean karst environments. The study of karst encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines ranging from large scale geological aspects to the minutiae of atomic physics and chemistry. This qualification relates to applied natural resource management of karst areas including the complex interfaces between the rock, soil, water and air and life of surface and subsurface environments and sustainable development and use of natural heritage sites for nature based experiences of leisure, recreation, tourism, sport, and the arts.